What is a Kairos Moment?
Kairos is time that runs concurrent with the purpose of the Lord. When God speaks we may ask, why now and how will it be accomplished? Our Father does not speak out of season and he does not waste words. His voice is always consistent with his nature, purpose and time. A Kairos moment brings Heaven and Earth together. It is used fifty-four times in singular form, almost always indicating either a set or proper time, season or occasion. It is also used two times as "opportunity" speaking the possibility of something in God never achieved before but now achievable. Earth becomes fully inundated with the wishes of Heaven during a "Kairos Moment" It becomes impossible to resist the desires of our sovereign God. His grace produces a new thing in the earth; God's power and revelation are now framed into the same sequences of events.  
Apostle A.R. Williams

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