​Biography of Apostle A.R. Williams
Apostle A.R. Williams was the pupil of the late Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Carter, to whom he faithfully followed as a Minister and a member of the New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla. Rev. Carter was his first Pastor who was instrumental in directing and instructing him in the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is a product of Dr. Carter's Apostolic anointing by virtue of his five/fold ministry anointing. Dr. Carter was so confident in his spiritual gifts and abilities that he appointed then Minister Williams as the youngest trustee of New Galilee Baptist Church, and he remained faithful to the call and purpose under the tutorage of Dr. Carter until his elevation to eternal rest. After a year of seeking purpose and direction the Lord sent him a word to establish Faith's Realm Ministry Int'l in the year of our Lord 2000, after starting the Church Pastor Williams began to seek a spiritual covering to align his life with his passion and purpose and after a couple of years of searching he was introduced to Bishop John T. Smith of Ambassadors for Christ and Presiding Prelate of Universal Gospel Deliverance Ministries in Indianapolis, Ind. Bishop Smith ordained him and installed him as Pastor and Founder of Faiths Realm Ministry Int'l.

Bishop Smith was so convinced and confident in Pastor Williams that he promoted him as an executive officer in Universal Gospel Deliverance Ministries as his National Secretary for his organization in the year of 2002, Bishop Smith stated because of his dedication to the fidelity of scripture, diligence, attention to detail, anointing and understanding of order, protocol and need for proper alignment and structure in the body of Christ which was lacking in many Ministries. His extraordinary gift and ability to "SET ORDER" would position him for elevation, for he believe that he was sent to the body of Christ and those very words have proven to be  PROPHETIC UTTERANCE in his life. In September 2003 Pastor Williams began to sense and feel a shift in his Spirit and direction that the Lord had taken him. Then the Lord revealed unto him he had been preparing him for elevation to Apostle. 

This revelation was then confirmed unto him by Bishop John T. Smith whom then blessed him and convened a council of Apostle's and Bishop's to confirm the calling. After eighteen months of examinations of the calling he was then affirmed and was consecrated in the office of an Apostle in October 2004. Apostle Williams now sits as one of the Sons of Apostle Michael D. Densmore who is Presiding Prelate of Community Churches of God Incorporated. Apostle Williams is also a graduate of R. S. I. where he received his Master's Degree in Biblical Studies on December 11, 2004 he was then immediately accepted into their Doctoral program and on June 10, 2006 He received his Doctorate. And in 2005 a vision of an Hour Glass symbolizing time came unto him and the word KAIROS was given unto him thus was the birth of "Kairos Covenant Fellowship" were he is Presiding Prelate. 
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